Vanilla Scented Candles for Home

Aromatherapy Candles for Sleep Aid, 9.2oz, Vanilla, Coconut

  • 【PET-FRIENDLY CANDLES】-It can cleverly cover up the odor brought by pets at home. Our aromatherapy uses imported coconut vanilla extract essential oil. Non-toxic, non-irritating. Carefully developed vanilla candle with a sweet candy fragrance, the aroma of the right intensity.
  • 【VANILLA COCONUT】-Young coconut blends with warm vanilla, find paradise with this long-lasting tropical scent. Natural essential oils to ensure sweetness and deliciousness. The fragrance of coconut vanilla candles is like ice cream, at home dinner, gossip with friends, light the vanilla candle to help you capture a warm, happy feeling.
  • 【SOOTHE AND HELP SLEEP】- Fast-paced city life, anxiety and exhaustion are the norm. Nighttime is the time we need to be alone. Light this vanilla candle during meditation, yoga practice, or bedtime bath to please yourself and help you unwind from the day, and place it in your bedroom to help you sleep sweetly!
  • 【OUTSTANDING TEAM】-Our team has over 20 years of experience in aromatherapy and has a exclusive recipe. Quality materials, regardless of cost, are selected from la organic pure soy wax, pure natural beeswax, and plant extracted essential oils, only to ensure an even diffusion and long lasting fragrance. With a unique understanding of scent, exquisite design and production, creating many fascinating scents.



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