Sage & Freesia Scented Candles

 Sage & Freesia Aromatherapy Candles,  9.2 Oz Clean Burning

  • 【ELIMINATE ODOR,PURIFY THE AIR】-Natural sage & freesia candles evenly volatile and long-lasting fragrance, which can effectively disperse the annoying odor, clean house. When the office is crowded, the car odor can not be dispersed, the bathroom stinks, the kitchen cooking fumes smell heavy, it will be lit to help get rid of the smell of oil and smoke in a lasting way to keep fresh.
  • 【SOOTHE THE MOOD】-When you return home from work, light the sage candle, in the warmth of the candlelight, the fragrance is diffused. Take a hot bath, will leave all your worries behind, soothe the mood, relieve fatigue and stress, but also enhance the quality of life.
  • 【BANISH NEGATIVE ENERGY】-The Sage Freesia aromatherapy candle has been carefully developed to banish negative energy. Sage, which means "to heal", chakra healing candle is made to purify, soothe and ultimately provide energy. A perfect companion for meditation and yoga to enhance concentration, the sage scented candle calms the mind and helps you become more engaged.
  • 【NATURAL INGREDIENTS,BEST RATIO】 -The wax is composed of 76% pure soy wax (no paraffin wax, no harmful substances are released) and 12% natural beeswax. Each jar of candles is formulated with a full 10% natural essential oils and 2% exclusive formula to ensure a more mellow fragrance. 



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