Homemory Solar Powered Candles Outdoor Waterproof

Rechargeable Candles, Solar Powered Candles for Outside, Lanterns, Set of 3

  • Solar Candles Outdoor Waterproof: These Homemory Solar Candles are suitable for outside use as they are waterproof and won’t melt, can withstand the rain and sunlight, also work great in cold environment.
  • Dusk to Dawn Flameless Candles: These candles have a built-in light sensor, when the surrounding environment is bright, the candle is in the extinguished state; when the environment is dark, the light will come on; automatically turn on and off, without human operation, very convenient.
  • Solar Powered Candles: These solar candles have a built-in solar charging panel, as long as they are placed in a sunny (unshaded) place, they will charge the built-in battery, with the built-in light sensor, make it long-term cycle use without replacing the battery. By placing the candles in a sunnier unobstructed area and receiving 10-12 hours of light per day, they will be lit longer and brighter at night.
  • Safe and Reliable Batteries: Each candle is equipped with a 1.2V Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery with 600 mAh large capacity, which is very safe, stable and reliable when used with solar charging board; even if the battery performance declines after a long period of use, it can be easily replaced by taking out the bottom cover (please do not replace it with ordinary batteries).
Brand  Homemory
Material Plastic
Body color White
Operating Time 10 Hours
Battery Type Ni-MH AA Battery x 3 (Equipped)
Size 3.25"x4"5" 6"



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