Homemory Solar Candles Outdoor Waterproof

Rechargeable Candles, Solar Powered Flameless Candles for Outdoor, Lanterns, Sensor Only, Dusk to Dawn, 3.25"x6", Set of 2

  • Solar Candles Outdoor Waterproof: These Homemory Solar Candles are suitable for outside use as they are waterproof and won’t melt, can withstand the rain and sunlight, also work great in cold environment.
  • Dusk to Dawn Flameless Candles: These candles have a built-in light sensor, when the surrounding environment is bright, the candle is in the extinguished state; when the environment is dark, the light will come on; automatically turn on and off, without human operation, very convenient.
  • Safe and Reliable Batteries: Each candle is equipped with a 1.2V Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery with 600 mAh large capacity, which is very safe, stable and reliable when used with solar charging board; even if the battery performance declines after a long period of use, it can be easily replaced by taking out the bottom cover (please do not replace it with ordinary batteries).

Package Include: 

  1. 2 Solar Powered flameless candles (6” in height and 3.25” in diameter)
  2. a user manual, batteries are equipped inside the Solar Candles



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