Homemory Remote Control Tea Lights, Warm White, No Timer

Flickering Realistic Tea Lights, Pack of 12

  • HANDY HANDS OFF OPERATION: With the remote feature, you can save trouble to turn all the tea lights on/off manually, climbing high places also become unnecessary. Using the remote control function to make surprises would be an interesting idea.
  • IMPRESSIVELY REALISTIC: Homemory's tea lights mimic the melting appearance and the flame-burning wicks of real tea candles, with the improved soft flickering effect, which will impart their delightful warm glow to any room you choose.
  • BRIGHT AND SOOTHING: Homemory keeps improving the warm white light of the tea lights, making it as close to the effect of daylight as possible. They are brighter and more soothing than the dim amber yellow light.
  • SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS BELOW: Turn on and off every day; wax candles can't last long; the safety concern while leaving them unattended; the mess of the melted down wax; your cute curious kids or pets knocking them over; breeze blowing them out.
  • USE THEM EVERYWHERE: In the kitchen during pre-dawn or pre-coffee mornings, in the bedroom for relaxing in the evening, and in the bathroom as a nightlight, add a beautiful glow to any room.



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