Homemory 24PCS Christmas Luminary Bags

Flame Resistant Tealight Candle Bags - Stars Elks Deer Luminaries for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Party Decoration

  • Create Christmas Atmosphere: Simply put some candles into the luminary bags. Lights will though the stars cutout, creates a warm atmosphere for your Christmas. The luminaries also available as gift bags for Christmas.
  • Magical Lighted Pathway: Think about a light-up pathway to your house with these luminary bags in both side. To be a guideline, make surprises to your customers, what a great idea to your Christmas Eve!
  • Reusable and Easy to Use: Homemory Christmas Luminary Bags are reusable and easy to use. Place some stones at each bag bottom so that they don't tip over by the wind, then put in multiple tea lights, candles or led lights. Use multiple LED or tea lights to get your desired level of brightness!
  • Flame Resistant: These Candle bags are made of flame resistant papers. A fire retardant coating gives you the option of using traditional flame candles outside. They are great for traditional candles(when using a real flame, please use only outdoors and in a safe area). Using flameless tea lights is more environmentally friendly we recommend.

Package include: 24 luminary bags(10.5”tall, 6.0”wide);

Tips: All these luminary bags are thoroughly and rigorously tested by Homemory. Since these flameless candles are made of paper, please keep them dry.



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