Cinnamon Scented Candles

9.2 Oz Clean Burning , Cinnamon+Apple Warm Scent

  • 【SOOTHING SLEEP AID】-You deserve a good night's sleep. Selected Ceylon natural cinnamon, pure plant extract, natural essential oil fragrance evenly volatilize, lasting fragrance. Put in the bedroom, the wonderful sweet cinnamon scent can soothe the mood and help sleep. The sweet fragrance creates a warm and romantic home environment.
  • 【ENJOY THE COZY MOMENTS】-Cinnamon is the smell of happiness. Every time you light the cinnamon aromatherapy, it can always bring you some memories. It can be used when you read alone in the afternoon. You can put into work in a late night, chat with your best friend over tea, spa day, or for a romantic dinner with your lover.
  • 【NATURAL INGREDIENTS,BEST RATIO】 -The wax is composed of 76% pure soy wax (no paraffin wax, no harmful substances are released) and 12% natural beeswax. Each jar of candles is formulated with a full 10% natural essential oils and 2% exclusive formula to ensure a more mellow fragrance. 
  • 【OUTSTANDING TEAM】-Our team has over 20 years of experience in aromatherapy and has a exclusive recipe. Quality materials, regardless of cost, are selected from la organic pure soy wax, pure natural beeswax, and plant extracted essential oils, only to ensure an even diffusion and long lasting fragrance. 



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