The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors

As temperatures rise and daylight hours increase, dormant plants begin to awaken and sprout new growth. This leads to a burst of color as flowers bloom and trees grow new leaves, creating a vibrant and picturesque landscape. March is the perfect time to slow down and invest some time in yourself implementing small self-care rituals to focus on your wellness.  Take the time to relax and recharge both your body and mind and slowly begin to find your balance.

Create a Spa-throom

Immersing yourself in warm water can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, help relax muscles and relieve tension and lead to a sense of relaxation. you can implement a more permanent relaxation ritual at home by creating your own spa-throom.Add aromatic oils to the water or simply placing floating candles on the surface of the water can easily change the ambiance.Tranquil waters, soothing spaces, and the gentle glow of a flickering candle is the perfect recipe to help your mind and body rest as you feel any worries slowly melt away. The gentle caress of water against your skin provides a sensory delight, stimulating nerve endings and gradually spreading a soothing comfort from head to toe. Gently brush the petals from the water with your palm and enjoy the tranquility of the moment.


Enjoy springtime

As soon as the weather permits, indulge in a delightful springtime picnic: head outside with a blanket, a stack of mismatched dinnerware, and whatever you can find in the kitchen, whether it's strawberries and cream or tea and biscuits. Make an afternoon of it, savoring every moment while you shut away the outside world and take the time to switch off and relax. Add outdoor candles and string upon string of fairy lights as the evening approaches, pour yourself a glass of something fizzy, and enjoy the return of the sun after so many months being cooped up indoors. Waterproof LED candles lend a wonderful ambience to a cosy outdoor nook, flickering lights trail beautifully through flowerbeds will delight both children and grown-ups alike. In the absence of a garden, simply throw open your windows and let the outside in: adorn rooms with houseplants and trailing vines, dot micro fairy lights and battery powered candles here and there, and enjoy your enchanting haven at home.


As the days get longer and brighter, make the most of your interior and create a setting which is refreshing and inviting. After all...there's no place like home! For more inspiration on elevating your life at home, head over to our official website:


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