LED Pillar Candles

LED Pillar Candles

Add a Warm Atmosphere to Your Home with Homemory LED Pillar Candles

Have you ever dreamed of what your home would be like? Modern style or Farmhouse style? 

In my opinion, I think the most important thing about the home is to have a warm and romantic atmosphere. Here we will show you how to decorate your home?

Our flameless pillar candles can meet different requirement, wedding, parties, seasonal & festival celebration and home decoration. They have normal one (on/off function), with timer (2H, 4H, 6H, 8H or Instant on/6H Timer) and remote function. And there's a unique moving wick design, make the candles more realistic. They are great for indoors or outdoors.

Waterproof  Moving Wick LED Pillar Candles

Our flickering Waterproof Candles combine the “moving wick” with waterproof feature. In order to take into account both practicality and beauty, the designer made waterproof treatment inside the candle while retaining the moving wick, simulating the situation of rainwater flowing from the top to the bottom, and achieving waterproofing. The candle uses a frosted plastic shell, which will be more transparent after turning on the light and will not melt at high temperatures. No dripping-hot wax, no smoke or worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candles. Special moving wick design, When you open it in your home, you will find that it perfectly displays the same effect as ordinary candle, real and romantic. Create a romantic and wonderful atmosphere for your room.


Large Size LED Waterproof Pillar Candle With Timer

Homemory Large Waterproof Flameless Candles are suitable for outside use as they are waterproof and won’t melt, can withstand the rain and sunlight, also work great in cold environment. The three-way switch on the bottom allows you to turn the candle on / off or set a 6-hour timer (lights up for 6 hours and turns off automatically). The timer loops every 24 hours, manually turns off the candle, and it resets. Suitable for Parties, Festival decoration, Celebration or Weddings, the time you need to add atmosphere, these Ivory flameless candles may be your best choice. They are large and bright, glow with warm yellow light, long-lasting for your events both indoor and outdoor use.


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