Homemory LED String Lights

Homemory LED String Lights


Homemory LED String Lights are made of soft and flexible copper wire. Firefly solar copper wire lights will easily build the shapes you want to decorate gardens, plants, fences, Christmas trees, and even swimming pools. And the light color of our LED String Lights are warm white, Cool white and 13-color options. The LED fairy lights have timer (6hrs on and 18hrs off) and USB power, Remote control, Solar Powered function. Safe to use.

DIfferent color of LED String Lights

Fairy lights can not only perfectly decorate anything you want, but also have a range of different color fairy lights to choose from. You can show all kinds of styles in your space. I'm sure we'll have the one you like.


    Warm White                                                      Cool White                                       Multi-Color

Indoor Decoration---Fairy Light Photo Wall

Build your own wall of memories. You can build your wall of memories with simple tools and our LED fairy lights.


You can even weave our string light into the shape you want and put it in a bottle or wineglass. Becoming a designer in your life is something to look forward to.

What' s more, our Battery LED Fairy Lights series are perfect for adding warm tones and sparkles to your Christmas tree.

They are delicate and bright! Make the Christmas tree unique. The warm white LED perfectly sets the scene and adds a warm atmosphere to your home. Whether you choose a warm light or a multi-color LED fairy light, we have all the styles you need! Fairy lights are a great addition to any Christmas tree, and come in many styles and lengths.


Outdoor Decoration---Solar Fairy Light

Most specially, we have also designed a solar outdoor fairy light. They will automatically recharge the power supply when there is sun in the daytime. Then automatically lighted up at night, and automatically lighted off during the day. No need to worry about forgetting the switch.




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